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Mercedes Calderón García

Strong teacher-training skills linked to the educational reform process and to the interpretation and implementation of the 2030 goals and the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals. Expertise in high-level consulting, working with multidisciplinary teams of experts in teacher-training and educational leadership at all levels of the teaching profession as part of the educational system and in policy-making for training. Ample experience in the implementation of strategic programs for teachers, for their initial training and to stand before a group, as well as teacher training as related to the use of Information Technologies and Communications (ITC).

Job Experience:

As CEO for CREFAL, the Regional Cooperation Center for Adult Education in Latin America and the Caribbean

  • International repositioning of CREFAL through the attainment of international and national conventions and actions for cooperation, with institutions that include the OEI, the Organization of Ibero-American States; the IIHR, the Inter-American Institute of Human Rights; IICA, the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture; the CENET, the National Center for Education for Work in Honduras; FLACSO, the Latin American Faculty for Social Sciences; the UNESCO Chair for Youth and Adult Education in Brazil; the OAS, Organization of American States; the SEP, Secretariat of Public Education of Mexico; the state governments of Mexico; various universities and academic institutions of Latin America, and more.

  • Coordinating the development of various programs designed to strengthen teacher education in Mexico and the Latin American and Caribbean region with the purpose of contributing to the improvement of teaching and learning processes in schools aimed at averting educational lag.

  • Drafting of the institutional training program proposal for teachers, pursuant to the needs embodied in the educational reform and those of teacher development in various countries of the region.

  • Development of the program Programa Aprendizajes for families as a social and educational intervention strategy to reduce school dropout rates and lag and at the same time drive community development. This strategy has been designed to be replicated in various states of Mexico and in Chile.

  • Management and coordination of diverse training projects and technical interventions in all 32 states of Mexico for the purpose of bolstering local capacities of both teachers and schools.

  • Creation of a project in conjunction with the DGRV (German Cooperative and Raiffeisen Confederation), to drive local productive capacity through rural and community cooperatives and proffering financial education for their members.

  • Establishment and updating of the Center for Information and Research, Documentation and Culture as a role model for decision-making processes regarding public policy and education at the service of Mexico and the entire Latin American region.

  • Encourage a systematic approach to the exchange of best practices in the region.

  • Design and development of the first Master's Degree programs offered by CREFAL to support the teachers and education authorities of Mexico and Latin America in the following fields: Education on Human Rights; Public Policy for Social Development and Education Management; Education Throughout Life; and the Design of Virtual Learning Environments as well as promotion of the latter in national and international spheres.

  • Fostering of the design and implementation, jointly with IICA, of the Diploma Course in Public Policy for Agriculture, produced in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

  • Strengthening the utilization of information technologies and communications in the pedagogical models and educational programs established by CREFAL, in both Mexico and the Latin American region.

  • Representative for CREFAL to the UNESCO general conference of October 2009, as well as the World Forum on Education, held May of 2015.

  • Representative for CREFAL before the National Board of Educational Authorities; the work entailed setting up and generating in close rapport with the Secretaries of Education for the States of Mexico a dynamic work model designed to foster ongoing interlocution with the governmental authorities of each one of the states.

  • Carrying out and management of international forums and academic encounters held to discuss themes relevant to education, including public policy, food security, community development, regional cooperation and more.

  • Encourage research in socioeconomic and socio-educational fields and in demographics to better support the governments of the region in the implementation of educational policy. 

  As Mayor of Pátzcuaro, Michoacán

  • Strengthen municipal infrastructure through public works that contribute to encouraging tourism in the region.

  • Establishment and launch of a rural board to implement federal and state programs designed to bolster the income of rural families through training, consulting and liaising with productive chains and other possibilities to participate in local markets.

  • President and Founder of the Inter-Municipal Board for the Pátzcuaro-Zirahuén Watershed, comprised of municipal presidents (mayors) from communities in the lake regions of the state of Michoacán; the Board developed programs for environmental recovery.

  • Design and implementation of programs to assist in social integration and community development through productive projects and technical training for the development of productive skills.

  • Managed and built the first higher education institution in the Lake Region: "Technological Institute of Pátzcuaro".

  • Managed an implemented the construction of the first bypass for Pátzcuaro, connecting the highway from Morelia to Lázaro Cárdenas.

  • Raised by 40% the budgetary allocation for infrastructure and educational projects.

  • Worked in crosscutting fashion on a gender policy to optimize the everyday work of women in the communities: for example, for traditional cooks: "Treasures of Michoacán".

  • Compiled the proposals of fishers' boards regarding training and utilization of fishing activities, incoordination with the state and federal authorities.

As Regional Tourism Delegate

  • Promotion of Agro-Tourism Projects


  • Master's Degree in Compared Public Policy with a specialization in Education (by the National Program for Quality Postgraduate Studies by CONACYT), Latin American Faculty of Social Science, 2010-2012
  • Bachelor's Degree in Administration and Finance by the Universidad Latina de América, 1991-1995

  • Diploma Course in Administration of Tourism Enterprises in the Field of Health, Surbal, Switzerland

  • Diploma Course in Public Administration, Universidad Latina de América.

  • Diploma Course in Administration and Gastronomy, "Cordon Blue", at Campana Finishing School, London, England

  • Specialized Studies in English, University of Toronto, Canada.



  • "Educación, gobernabilidad y cultura de no violencia" (coautora), en RIEDA, enero-junio 2011.
  • "La educación para jóvenes y adultos, más que alfabetizar", en Servando Peralta (coord.) Opciones de políticas públicas para el desarrollo, UNAM-FIRA-CREFAL, 2012
  • "Aprendizajes en familia, la importancia de la participación social en la educación", en Mercedes Calderón, Emilio Coral (Coord.), Aprendizajes en familia en México, hacia la integración de escuela, familia y comunidad, CREFAL, 2012
  • "El CREFAL, una larga trayectoria al servicio de la educación inclusiva", en Decisio, 36, septiembre-diciembre, 2013.
  • El impacto sociocultural de la inmigración en Michoacán (coeditora), CREFAL, en prensa.
  • Las dimensiones de la reforma educativa en México, Chile, Ecuador y Uruguay (coeditora), CREFAL, en prensa.


Special Recognition: 


Honorable mention upon obtaining the title of Bachelor's in Administration and Finances, thesis on "Administrative Reengineering of the Tourism Company known as Hotel Fiesta Plaza based on an Administrative and Operational Model", 1996


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